Life beyond LEAP

by Toni Tiu (LEAP 61) September 1, 2015 Top Stories




 One of the best things I got from LEAP: Cut through my BS. My journey through FLEX, ALC and LEAP was very love-filled. I had the most loving facilitators, nurturing coaches and genuinely sincere teammates. The journey broke me and pounded me into a pulp, but it also made me much stronger, much more hole. I emerged from the program a more peaceful and powerful woman. 

Then ‘real life’ came along – the ultimate test of how life was beyond the LEAP program. No more regular call times with Coach and my buddy to help keep me grounded daily. When the high and separation anxiety began to wane, I wondered how long I was to sustain the gentle power my journey had blessed me with.

It’s been a year since I started the program. What I’ve been learning is that the LEAP journey doesn’t end at graduation. It doesn’t end after the high either. LEAP stays with you at every moment of your life – if you choose to, that is.

When I’m beginning to question my purpose in the workplace, or when marriage and motherhood become too trying, I step away for some quiet and whisper my Declaration over and over. Like a mantra, it calms me and frees me from the weight if self-doubt.

When the need to control becomes hard to ignore, I take a deep breath and surrender. Vulnerability continues to be one of my biggest challenges, but because of LEAP I know that there is also a power in trusting others, that there is strength in knowing when to ask for help. 

When tasks come my way and procrastination begins tempting me, I remember how LEAP stretched me in ways I didn’t think possible in such a short amount of time. Why wait another couple of days to be 100% on task? Do it now! There’s no reason not to! I’ve been crossing off tasks from my to do list at a much faster pace because of that.

LEAP has equipped me with enough honesty and love to cut through the BS of everyday. It’s been liberating to feel how so much of life can be lived when you don’t cower behind what you’ve been accustomed to believe, when you embrace and surrender to the greatness within you, when you do little everyday things in essence. Because it all adds up – isn’t every moment a moment of choice? I’ve chosen to stay the course. I’m still taking leaps everyday – when I choose to live in essence, when I choose to live my declaration, when I choose to do things with love , in excellence, always.