What Do I Really Want in Life? Here are 4 Ways to Find Out!

by Toni Tiu May 10, 2017 Top Stories


Do you ever wonder if what you're doing now is what you're meant to do??Have you ever felt that you were just going through the motions of everyday?  That sometimes it feels like you’re on auto-pilot, doing things things because you have to, not because you want to? But why stay in a state of “okay” when things can actually be great?
Have you ever felt like saying “Someday I’m going to be living a great life!”? The truth is this: You can choose to make that ‘someday’ today. Here are 4 ways to know what you really want, so that great life you’re dreaming of someday can start today:
  1. Ask yourself: “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” List down as many answers as you can. Be fearless in your thoughts. Complete a marathon. Put up my own business. Travel alone. Record my original songs.  “In the beginning, I often felt that I wasn’t good enough, making choices based on my need to prove my worth to others,” shares Pia, a 26-year-old marketing consultant. “One of these choices was to turn away from my production career and devote my full attention to the family business. I enjoyed working for my Dad and learned a lot in the process- but it wasn’t enough. I always felt there was something missing. But my passion was for production. I knew I excelled at that. So I went for it.”
  2. Pick out what excites you the most. Which ones jump out of the page for you? These are the things that jolt you awake, that make your heart beat a little faster. This new list will be shorter, but the items you’ve picked out are what you really want to do right here right now.
  3. Move! Let someday begin today by writing specific actions for each to make them happen. If you want to complete a marathon, some items that can go into your action plan could be to go for doctor’s check-up. Prepare training program (specify number of hours a day, running venue, time of day, etc.). Secure dates for runs and register. If your plan is to love yourself more, you can fill up your self-love tank by going on dates with yourself (no gadgets allowed!). Get a new hairstyle. Meditate for 30 minutes upon waking up. Set a date for each one so you can track your progress.  
  4. Get support. Surround yourself with a group that wholeheartedly encourages you to go for what you want in your life. The LEAP trilogy (Leadership Excellence Achievement Program) is a life-changing journey that has helped thousands push themselves to go for what they really want for themselves. With LEAP, you will have a whole team of life coaches to guide you all the way. You will meet new people just like you: passionate and just waiting to make life happen. After graduating from LEAP, Pia realized “that I felt empty because I had chosen to forget about my passion. LEAP enabled me to remember and claim by greatness. After LEAP, I started working as a production assistant in a film. Today, I’m proud to say that I am also a Marketing Consultant in the family business. I have the best of both worlds.”
Here’s to finding out what you really want to break through in your life. To a life of meaning, of purpose, of a great life, not someday but today!

Toni Tiu, the author of this article, is a Training Director, Brand Strategy Expert, Writer, Veteran Blogger, Wife and Mom. She is one of your coaches for LEAP 73.

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